Wordle Helper v3.0.0
Created by Nicolas Ventura
Last updated January 12, 2022

Motivation This tool should help you think of your next Wordle guess by generating a list of all possible valid combinations of letters based on your prior guesses. This is not affiliated with Wordle whatsoever and cannot determine the daily answer, so no spoilers here! This tool also works for other games similar to Wordle by allowing you to change the number of guesses, number of letters, and changing the available character set.
Setup Before using the tool, follow these steps in the setup wizard.
  1. Classic Wordle : This will force 5 characters and will compare each combination of characters to the Wordle dictionary.
  2. Math Wordle : Input the total number of guesses and characters per equation. The allowable characters are 1234567890-+*/=. Instead of a dictionary, valid character combinations are mathematically solved for accuracy.
  3. Alphabet (A-Z) Only : This can be used for any generic Wordle-like game for any number of guesses and characters per word. This mode does not compare words against a dictionary.
  4. Custom Charset : Similar to the previous option, except you will be prompted with a text box to enter all allowed characters in your Wordle game. For instance, your alphabet may require the use of é or ñ. Be sure to include all characters in your custom alphabet. AÁBCDEÉFGHIÍJKLMNÑOÓPQRSTUÚVWXYZ
  5. Click to generate a very similar interface to the game you are playing

Instructions Type in your daily Wordle guesses here. The tab key allows you to automatically move to the next character without using the mouse. Click on the switch below each input to cycle its color and corresponding status: Press to generate a complete list of every possible combination of letters. This could take a while. After it loads, one text box shows the count of valid 5 letter combinations, and another shows all of those combinations. Press to copy the list of words to the clipboard. Press to clear the text, all user input, and character colors.
Allowed Characters

None yet. Press to start.